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A+ Dog Training
Serving McHenry County dog owners and their dogs for 20 years!

Owner, Lindy Sander and her dogs, Gandy, Magoo and puppy Dancer.

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Our students didn't think their dogs would EVER behave!

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Lindy Sander of A Plus Dog Training has been professionally training dogs in McHenry County for 25 years.  Thousands of dogs have been trained and/or rehabilitated through A Plus Dog Training methods.  We pride ourselves in our professionalism and personal attention to our clients needs.  From 3 pound Chihuahua’s to 210 pound Mastiff’s have been trained at A Plus Dog Training in Lake in the Hills, Illinois.  Schnoodle’s, Shitzapoo’s, Laberdoodle’s, Puggle’s, Lhasapoo’s, and every mix you can think of (have you ever seen a Sheltydach?) have benefited from our training.


A Plus Dog Training philosophy is there is not only one way to train every dog and owner.  Dog training is as much training the owner as training the dog.  Our combination of positive reinforcement, positive motivation and, when necessary, correction avoidance has helped many dog owners realize their dogs potential for behaving and learning.  Ninety percent of A Plus Dog Training clients started out just wanting their dog to behave better; stop excessive barking, not pull on the leash, come when called, stop jumping on counters, stop stealing food, stop jumping on people.  It is absolutely true that the majority of clients would not believe that their dogs would EVER behave but the picture above is worth a thousand words.  Many clients continue to come to classes because they enjoy the camaraderie of other dog owners AND their dogs enjoy the training time with their owners.  Not only is training good for your dog but it is good for you.  Exercise is an important factor in our daily lives and most of us don’t have the time to devote to regular workouts and/or health club visits.  Attending regular classes is a great way to obtain good exercise for both you and your dog.  Attending agility classes takes that exercise to a whole new level.


A Plus Dog Training has worked with many rescue organizations to help rehabilitate unwanted dogs.  Some of our best trained dogs have come from rescue shelters.  (Check out Nadine and Barney and Alison and her crew on our student page.)


Several clients come from as far away as Oak Lawn and downtown Chicago.  Many breeders recommend A Plus Dog Training and attend classes.  Our clients say it best on our Student Page.  Many clients have progressed to competition levels because they found out how much fun they had working with their dogs and were excited on how well-behaved their dogs have become.  A Plus Dog Training can teach you the intricacies of dog showing.  And YES your dog can compete even if they are spayed/ neutered, not registered or a mix breed. 


A Plus Dog Training is extremely proud of our young clients.  Dog training is a great way to teach a child responsibility and patience, not to mention the FUN they will have with their dog!  Dog shows offer special events and prizes for young dog owners/ handlers.


  • A Plus Dog Training will teach you WHY your dog behaves badly and HOW to change that behavior.
  • A Plus Dog Training will teach you how to communicate with your dog on a level that he/she understands what is expected of them.
  • A Plus Dog Training will teach you how to recognize and control aggressiveness and why a dog exhibits aggression.
  • A Plus Dog Training will teach you how to control a strong/powerful dog.
  • A Plus Dog Training will help build confidence in a meek/timid dog.
  • A Plus Dog Training will teach you how your dog’s diet can affect their behavior.
  • A Plus Dog Training can help you learn about your rights and responsibilities as a dog owner in your community.


A Plus Dog Training hopes you will join us and find out how good your dog really can be!  You are invited to visit A Plus Dog Training and observe our classes and talk to our students.  Please give us a call and make an appointment to start the journey to a better dog!


According to some clients, GPS gives you wrong information.

We are located at 9362 Virginia Rd. 
We are the building north the corner of 31 and Virginia  We are in the same building at Focus Martial Arts (9342 Virginia Rd.) except all the way at the other end of the building by the loading dock.



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