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Selecting a Training Facility/Trainer



When you decide to purchase a puppy or obtain a dog, you have an obligation to the dog and your community to teach that dog some basic obedience.  “Basic obedience” is sit, down, come when called, how to walk on a leash without pulling your arm out of the socket, and not to be a nuisance barker.  Or maybe your goals are showing in obedience, rally, agility, tracking, conformation, or earth dog.  Much thought and research should be given to finding a qualified trainer to help you achieve your goals with your dog.  The trainer you select should be successful in the activity that you have chosen.  The trainer should have students who are attaining their goals with their dogs.  It is a good idea to observe some training classes and talk to the people there.  It is not unreasonable to request a list of references from a trainer.  A successful trainer should have no problem providing you with that information.


There are many different ways to train a dog.  You need to find the method that fits you and your dog the best and a trainer that you feel comfortable with.  So shop around and ask questions.  There are no stupid questions.  Observe classes, does the instructor explain the how’s and why’s (and why nots).  Do the students seem comfortable in the class situation?  Does the trainer only know one method of achieving an end result?  If you see something in class you are not comfortable with or do not understand (Why does that dog have a muzzle on?) ask the trainer.  They should be willing to explain.


The best trainers are flexible, knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions and/or problems that might arise.  Some questions you might ask the trainer:

1.      How long have you been conducting classes (been in business)?

2.      What qualifications/knowledge do you have that helps you train other people’s dogs?

3.      What titles have you earned on dogs?

4.      How many different dogs (breeds) have you trained or earned titles on?

5.      Are you currently training any dogs towards titles?

6.      May I watch you work with your dogs?

7.      Have you trained any (fill in your breed)? (VERY IMPORTANT)

8.      Can I observe a class and talk to your students?

9.      What method of training do you use? Keep in mind your conversations with their students and how comfortable the students were with the methods.

10. Have you dealt with (fill in your dog’s worse behavior) in a (fill in your dogs breed)?

11. Will you give me a list of references?

A+ Dog Training hopes this information will help you make an comfortable decision when deciding on a training facility for you and your dog. 


Did you know that we, as dog owners, teach our dogs bad behavior?

Did you know that your dogs diet can contribute to his bad behavior?

Did you know it is a proven fact that dogs help make us healthier?

Did you know that obedience training is designed to improve your dogs behavior?

Did you know you CAN teach an old dog new tricks?

Did you know that even though your dog is spayed or neutered they can still earn titles and win prizes at dog shows? 

Did you know that even if your dog does not have AKC registration papers that it is possible to "show" your dog?

Did you know that 80% of A+ students that are now showing their dogs had no original intention of showing their dog? 


Find out the How's, Why's ,and MUCH more at A+ Dog Training.

We teach YOU how to communicate with and train your dog.



AKC has introduced a new program designed to give mixed breed dogs the ability to earn performance titles.  That includes obedience, rally, and agility.  This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for all the "rescued" dogs to prove their capabilities.  Please contact A+ for further information or you can go on the www.akc.org website and read all about it.

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