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Review received by email October 2016

I wanted to thank you again for your help during our one on one hour session in September.  I'm not sure we would have kept him without your help in modifying his behavior.  It's hard to believe now that he ever acted that way:  no more growling and snapping.  My vet is thrilled that he dire predictions haven't happened.  She saw him last week and quote "He is such a happy dog now.  He must have been so confused."  I did let her know what a help you have been.

Candace Waddell and Spencer

Review on Facebook from Debbie Lyle February 2016

I have trained three dogs with Lindy. Two as puppies one as a rescued adult who had an abusive past. Lindy knows what she's doing loves her job and the animals! She knows how to adjust the type of training and correction or praise to the type of dog and personality. We moved on to advanced classes and will always continue to go back!!

Review on Facebook from Christine Thinnes February 2016

'm so happy I didn't just throw those fliers away that day over a year ago. I've owned several different large breed dogs over the years and "trained" some too. But here I was with this American Bulldog puppy and she was challenging me beyond my abilities. So I signed up for puppy kindergarten. With Lindy's 25 + years of professional training she was able to quickly identify just what my dog and I needed to move forward to a better working relationship. We are now a great team Darla and I. We continue to work, learn and grow with the guidance of the A+ instructors. I now have two dogs working in advance obedience. We are also finding great fun and another level of connection with the agility classes that A+ also offers. An active dog is a happy dog as Lindy will tell you, but as it turns out an active owner is a happy owner too. So happy for all we've learned over this past year and can't wait to see what's next as you continue to challenge us. One happy customer.

Review on Facebook from Liz Wertz February 2016

I met Lindy Sander almost 18 years ago. Our family had purchased a border collie, Lacey, from our breeder and she was crazy!!! Lindy's training techniques turned her into a model dog. Specifically the best dog I have ever had. My heart dog. She competed in obedience and even took agility classes. Lacey finally had a place to channel all her energy and her behavior improved. There was no question who I would take my new rescue, Sam, for training two years ago. He was a timid rescue and scared of his own shadow. Lindy was able to help me train him with minimal correction and he is a wonderful dog. She can help you train your dog no matter the personality! My experience with her is proof of that! Would never recommend anyone else. Thank you for all that you've done.

Review on Facebook February 2016

We are so happy to be back training again with A+ and Lindy. We trained our pass two dogs Kilo ( American bulldog ) and Mini ( Chihuahua mix) with Lindy 11yrs ago and they were a challenge. Mini was scared of the world and Kilo was a strong bulldog with a lot of energy. Lindy was great at teaching Kilo manners and Mini confidence. Then this past spring we have returned with our sweet Bettylou ( boxer) and she has learned so much already with being in Lindy's advanced obedience class and is also in the agility class. She loves coming to school at A+ and learning all that Lindy has to teach. Even my kids call me from San Diego to get advise from Lindy with their dog issues. She is a wealth of knowledge. I have recommended her to many of my friends! She is definitely an A+ from THE LEBLANC's and BETTYLOU!

Email from client

Dated 1/20/16

Hi Lindy,

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all I've learned so far with Faith.  She's made amazing gains since first starting with you.  I really like your philosophy of mixing things up and challenging the dogs during training.  I know I've already seen a difference in Faith.  I can't wait to see what the future brings.   Thanks again for everything.

Shari Noble
Owner of Faith, yellow lab mix

Email from client

We have two Wire Fox Terrier puppies.  They are typical terrier puppies – high energy, stubborn, and only listen to you if it doesn’t inhibit what they want to do. Our vet recommended that we take the dogs to Puppy class to get them socialized at the very least.   A+ Dog Training was recommended.   From the very first day, Lindy was wonderful.   Terriers have unique personality traits, and because she raises them, was always two steps ahead of them.   She taught us how to interact with the dogs,  how to work with them to ensure that they grew up to be good citizens – in short, how to be good dog owners.   Fast forward a few months … both dogs have been through Puppy Kindergarten and our oldest is 6 weeks into Basic Obedience.      We have been walking them separately because they were so wild together on their leashes – completely uncontrollable.     Last weekend, while visiting my parents, I took both dogs for a walk together – it was the first time I had done that in three months.  The change in them was FABULOUS!   On separate leashes held by the same hand, they both heeled, sat when I stopped, didn’t pull on their leashes.    I thought someone had replaced my dogs!    They are now more focused on me when we walk; they don’t react to distractions like other pedestrians or squirrels – in short they are a pleasure to take out. 

 Thank you, Lindy

Ann Bentzen-Bilkvist
Owner of Asta & Loki


This is our page dedicated to our students. 
These are students (in no particular order) who have taken their dogs through our classes and a little bit of information about their experiences and their dogs.  ENJOY!

Email from client

From Beverly Hawman & Jake:
Lindy, as you know, Jake (rescued hound mix) and I started training at another facility and being new to dog training I thought "good dog - here's a treat" was the best way to go. After over six months of sessions, Jake was in charge, no fun to walk and could not be near other dogs without a lot of pulling and barking. This positive approach was leading to negative results!
One 45 minute session at A+ taught me how to still be positive and get positive results. I used the same collar and leash and was able to gain control! We are now able to walk without my fear of meeting others with dogs.
I look forward to further classes and I think Jake will benefit from more work. THANK YOU Lindy and Carolyn for teaching me how to enjoy my time with Jake. A+ is an appropriate name and deserving "grade" for the training I've received.



Jake and Bev had competed in AKC Rally and have earned their Rally Novice title this year winning 2nd and 3rd place ribbons in their class!  YAHOO Jake and Bev! (see page "Look what we've done")


Email from new client

SENT: Tue 9/25/12
[email protected]

Good morning Lindy...

My name is Randy and I'm the owner of the Bernese Mountain Dog, Angus from last night's class.

As I had mentioned to you during our initial telephone conversation, Angus and I had been through 2 sessions of classes with another training facility earlier in the year.  Being my first experience with dog training, I had nothing to compare it to.  The other facility stressed heeling, staying and coming but very little to do with issues at home.
Amos and I learned more at your first class (without the dogs) then the entire 16 weeks at the other facility.  Our home life has improved immensely.  We accomplished more in 15 minutes with the methods you taught us to get Amos to walk with a loose leash then the entire 16 weeks at the other "professional" facility.

I had brought my other cloth leash to your class because walking Amos with the leather leash caused my hands to be ripped up.  This is due to how I was taught to hold the leash at the other facility.  Not so with what you taught me last night.  I feel I have better control of Amos and I can forsee walking being a much more enjoyable experience.

Michelle and I are encouraged about our future with Amos.  We can see a big improvement in Amos due to the fact that we have a better understanding of what to do and what not to do.

Thanks again and we look forward to see you next Monday.





Lily the Pit Bull

 This is the story of Lily the Pit Bull who was rescued by Orphans of the Storm and adopted by the Lorenz Family in June of 2005.  Lily was severely abused.  Lily had been electrocuted by jumper cables, had oil poured down her throat and her body was badly burned.  Her throat is so damaged that she can't bark.  Lily's vet recommended training Lily as a therapy dog because even after all the abuse, Lily had a good nature.  Laura Lorenz called several training facilities in the McHenry County area and was refused admission because Lily was a Pit Bull.  When Laura called A+ Dog Training and talked with Lindy Sander, Laura was welcomed to begin Lily's road to recovery and becoming a Good Canine Citizen.  Lily needed specialized attention due to her abuse and Laura was determined to help this good natured dog.  Laura and Lily attended a Beginners Obedience course and received the personalized attention that they needed.  Because Lily would not accept treats, alternative positive motivation techniques were required.  Today Lily is a Delta Society Therapy Dog and visits local nursing homes, hospitals and even travels on the CTA to visit patients at Rush Presbyterian University Hospital in Chicago.  One of Lily's favorite pastimes is visiting the Bark Park and playing with the other dogs.

"It was a long trip to get where she is today and she is all the better for it.  Thanks to our vet and A+ Dog Training!  Thanks for saving Lily."  Signed, Laura Lorenz


"Coby"  Owned and Loved by the Fink Family
Died 11/3/08

Coby and Janet came to A+ Dog Training because Janet knew she had a problem.  Dogs (or people) couldn't get within 10 feet of Coby without him lunging/growling/snapping.  Credit should be given to Janet for identifying Coby had a problem and her perserverence in following our suggestions and working diligently with Coby to correct the behavior.  After 16 weeks of training, Coby no longer growled at other dogs and people could pet him with Coby enjoying the attention. Thanks Janet for letting us guide you in the right directionAll of us at A+ mourn the loss of this unique companion

"We appreciate your devotion to Coby when he was Cujo and the wonderful dog he became because of A+ Dog Training. I wish we had made a film about Coby when he was the aggressive dog that people feared. Many of our friends thought Coby should have been put to sleep or at the very least us give him up because he was a liability. Some people refused to come over to our home unless he was crated. Our vet at that time had two vet techs hold him for his various shots and examinations. When we went back to him about 6 months after A+ Dog Training kicked in he asked if we had a different dog. Coby stood for an exam on command, tolerated without curling his lips at the touch of the vet, and sat until we signaled him to jump off the examination table. He still accused us of switching dogs. Our friends were amazed at the transformation of Coby the Shar Pei. He was well behaved at our parties and was welcomed into our friend's homes. He went to restaurants and businesses as a celebrity. I took him to my school for demonstrations to cheering hands of 200 children. They swarmed him with affection and he allowed their petting. I would never have chanced a child to his exposure if I thought any harm would come to them. He was reformed. He was at peace and harmony in the world of dogs and humans. We will forever be in your debt for helping Coby become a joy, not only in our lives, but the lives of our grandchildren and other neighboring children. He was loved for the rest of his life by many. Our heart is still broken, but as an honor to him we will adopt another dog in time and of course enroll him at A+ dog training. I miss our Wednesday dog training sessions just as Coby knew it was Wednesday, the day he showed off to his subjects."


This is a picture of Fred and his dog Mako at a recent dog show.  Mako is a three year old German Shepherd.  The second picture is Fred and Sue's grandchildren (Ages 4 & 5) walking Mako and his 8 month old "brother" Valor in front of Fred and Sue's house.  (Please note the loose leashes.)

Stephanie & Eddie

Stephanie and her poodle, Shadow (a National Frisbee Champion),
competing in a National Frisbee Competition
Stephanie and Shadow first came to Lindy Sander for training because Shadow was extremely hyperactive and uncontrollable.  After two obedience courses Stephanie realized the potential in Shadow for frisbee competition.  Stephanie believes Shadow's obedience training truly helped Shadow achieve his many frisbee awards. Shadow has also earned AKC titles in obedience and rally.

Eddie and Stephanie with their dogs Shadow and Timber.



Nadine and her rescue dog Barney.  Nadine came to obedience classes just to have some fun with Barney.  After realizing how much Barney enjoyed working obedience Nadine decided to try her hand at competition.  Barney, at 9 years old, won his title with a third place, second place and first place ribbon!  Great job Nadine and Barney!


Barb and Miko

When I met Lindy I had a very frisky Husky on my hands.  Miko was just one year old with very little training.   Lindy said the first thing I had to do was to show him I was the leader.  Since I had never trained before this was very difficult for me.  There were many times when he would growl at me for making him do things, but I soon learned from Lindy to ignore it and go on being the boss.  After one year of training with Lindy, I entered Miko in his first obedience  show.  He qualified!  Over the next few months we entered three more shows and he got his CD.  We went on to get his CGC and registered with Delta Society and spent the next few years visiting a nursing home and a hospital.  Then Rally came along.  I think we can do this??  I can't believe the things he learned to do in training for Rally.  Lindy helped us so much to get it all right - he learned to read my body language - it was amazing.  In June of 2007  Miko earned his Rally Excellent Title.  Thank you Lindy for all you have done for us.  Miko loves you!


Here's what some of our students say:

Nice way to end a hectic 2014 year -- Killian is upstairs being the perfectly well-behaved consultant/assistant chef while Dave makes amazing bolognese sauce from scratch. Killi can't taste-test much of what's involved, but he did thoroughly enjoy a piece of carrot and a couple celery stalks. We've had a really nice week, with me being off work since 12/23 - Killi has spent a lot of time hanging with me. He was a gem at Christmas, with people in his house, and he's been to the ...barn for the first time, to meet his MUCH bigger (equine) siblings - and he was angelic meeting fellow boarders and the owner. We've gone for walks in different places - and of course, he's been angelic. I think Killian is a very happy boy, and that makes me smile.  Many thanks to Lindy Sander for making this possible -- without her guidance, I don't think we would have made it with Killian. Things are SO much different from we met him - he has gone from a bully brat to a loving pack member, who understands the rules.  
Thank you again Lindy Sander, for all your help with the boy. There was a time (not that long ago) that I wouldn't have thought I could ever successfully bring people into the house.  If you need help or guidance with your dog, A+ Dog Training is the way to go. Killian has gone from a nightmare bully jerk to a wonderful happy pack member.
Anne Powell
I have been going to classes with Lyndi for 8 years and LOVE her!!! Every time I am in class I learn something and feel respected for what I know, as well!!! I am a breeder and recommend that my new puppy families attend class at A Plus! If you are thinking about showing, Lyndi is the best!!!

Hello Lindy, 15 years ago I attended puppy school and obedience class with my chocolate lab, Elvis, taught by you.  Unfortunately I had to let him go last year but I felt you should know a few things.  Without a doubt the techniques we learned from you helped us create a trust I can't put into words.  Elvis lived a good full life, we hiked Superstition Mountain 4 times, boated, fished and went racing.  Everyone that he came in contact with loved him.  Thank you for your help and good luck to you. 



Dear A+,
When my dog began to display negative behavior I contacted a local dog trainer for advice.  I set up an appointment with this person for 4 weeks of private training.  After the first night of traning, I became very uncomfortable with the method of training used.

A few weeks later my dog's behavior became worse.  He was becoming very aggressive and even turned on my husband.  We knew something had to be done.  I called A+ Dog Training and spoke with them about the problem.  After some discussion I felt confident that this problem could be resolved with their help.  We set up to meet for an hour a week for 4 weeks, at my home, with my family in attendance.  The trainer was very professional in the way she handled my dog.  She was firm yet gentle and she explained everything she was doing.  She helped us to understand what we needed to do to help our dog.

After our 4 weeks of training I noticed a major change in my dog.  We were able to trust him in ways we were never able to in the past.  I would highly recommend A+ to anyone in need of training their dog.

Regards, Beverly

Dear Lindy,

Even though my Mom was nervous,
I knew I had to be impervious.
I listened closely to every command,
making sure my best paw to land.
Even though the other dogs disobeyed,
only I was left continuing to stay.
The scores were tallied to hand out the blues,
I surprised my Mom with "Best of the crew"!
A good trainer can either make or break,
you just so happen to have what it takes. 

Thanks Lindy,

Snickers and Kim


Dear A+,
Thanks you so much for sharing your excellent talents.  Your trainers did a tremendous job.  Buddy is now more of a pleasure to be around.     Sincerely,  Joann


"The beginners class in and of itself has made a tremendous difference in our dog's life and our lives."


"I've trained many dogs in my life at many different places but I learned more in the first few weeks of your class than all the other classes combined.  Great job!"


At 12 weeks old our Australian Shepherd puppy was extremely aggressive.  Our vet told us we should put her down which, of course, we were very reluctant to do. She told us that she had heard that Lindy Sander was very good in dealing with this type of behavior and recommended we contact her.  We followed Lindy's recommendations and the next time our dog visited the vet, she couldn't believe it was the same dog!  Thank You Lindy!


I've been showing dogs in conformation for many years and attended many conformation classes.  A friend recommended Lindy's conformation class and since I had some upcoming shows for my puppies I attended.  Lindy took the time to teach us a better way to handle our dogs. At my puppies first show he took a four point major!  Thanks for your expertise Lindy!



 I have been going to classes with Lindy for 8 years and LOVE her!!! Every time I am in class I learn something and feel respected for what I know, as well!!! I am a breeder and recommend that my new puppy families attend class at A Plus! If you are thinking about showing, Lindy is the best!!!

Cathy Gallagher




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